Exotic hunting

The animal is observed threw your binoculars. Suddenly a warthog run out of the bush in front of you. You can feel the excitement raising. Will we succeed this time! Read more

Adventures in Africa

South Africa is the ultimate county for activities and adventure. The possibilities are unlimited for those who want an active vacation! Read more

Buy a share

Use this unique opportunity to buy a share in this fantastic lodge! Both private persons and company's can purchase shares in Greys Gift Lodge. Read more

Your African Home

Grey's Gift Safaris, a company with Norwegian and South African owners, operates on the business concept of offering guests part ownership of Grey's Gift Lodge.

Hunts and safaris that form part of this experience are designed to give guests a "once in a lifetime" experience. You can read more about this opportunity, as well as all the other advantages you get as co-owner, in the section Share of Grey's Gift Lodge. You can also enjoy a stay with us as a regular guest, without owning a share of the lodge.

The company's Norwegian owners are experienced hunters who have been on expeditions all over the world. Africa, and especially South Africa, have a special place in their hearts, and have been the destination for countless expeditions.

Through many trips over the past 20 years, they have accumulated many good, but also some bad, experiences. This has equipped them with the professional knowledge required to give hunters and guests the best possible experience, without compromising on either the quality or quantity of the activities on offer. Whether your interest lies in hunting, safari, adventures, food or service, Grey's Gift Safaris promises to deliver in all areas.

Grey's Gift Farm has been family owned through several generations. This family is part of the team, and constitutes the South African ownership. These owners are born and raised on the farm, and are professional hunters and outfitters. Their unique knowledge of the area, as well as its game and hunting conditions, ensures that hunters and guests leave with unforgettable experiences and memories. The professionalism and friendliness of our South African partners is the basis upon which Grey's Gift Lodge guarantees that guests will have a great stay, built upon an authentic local experience.

Grey's Gift Lodge places emphasis on the large as well as minor details that are necessary to ensure that you have the adventure of a lifetime

General information
Here you will find information that will help you before and during your trip. Hopefully this site will also give you some answers to some of the practical questions you may have. Read more
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On our site we try our best to provide you with all necessary information you may need, but it is always easy too forget something. Here you can easy reach us or one of our agents if there is information you are missing. Read more
About us
Greys Gift Lodge is a company who offers you great safari and hunting. Our main goal is to give you an experience of your lifetime. The company is owned by both South Africans and Norwegians. Read more

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