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South Africa offers a hunting experience like no other. The number of species, the variation in terrain and the different hunting methods can satisfy even the most demanding and experienced hunter. The country has open savannahs, plains, mountains, and areas with dense vegetation, each offering different challenges. Grey's Gift Lodge is a microcosm of this unique South African hunting experience, offering an array of peerless facilities and services designed to ensure that you go back with unforgettable memories and return to enjoy new experiences again and again.

The list of hunting options available in South Africa is enormous and varied, making it easy for us to customise your hunt to fit your individual skill level and stamina, or your chosen level of difficulty. Every hunting day offers new experiences. At the end of each day, there are new impressions to digest the days are never the same and never boring.

At Grey's Gift Lodge, inexperienced hunters would have the opportunity to experience an exciting and challenging hunt under the supervision of more professional counterparts, thanks to our guide service. Safety, suitable game, size of the prey and distances are all important factors that your guide will determine for you if you are uncertain. Pressure to hunt and shoot is banned at Grey's Gift Lodge. When the conditions are right, it is you and you alone who will decide whether or not to pull the trigger.

Whether you choose trophy hunting or culling, you can look forward to exciting adventures and challenges each and every day.

Trophy hunting, the most common pastime, allows you to hunt for representative animals that are measured following a classification set by the Safari Club International (SCI). Length and girth of antlers and horns are criteria that determine score and medallion value.

Culling is a hunt where you shoot certain animals to control the population of that species. Surplus females, old males or animals that need to be put down for other reasons are game for this activity. This hunt is part of wildlife conservation, and in certain areas it is vital for a sustainable and healthy wild game population.

Hunting with dogs for lynx and bushpig are very exiting and a challenging hunt where we have a high success rate. The hunt is difficult, demanding and a different experience we highly can recommend. We also arrange several driven hunts each year. This hunting will give you quit a few exiting situations and a lot of action.

The hunting grounds of Grey's Gift Lodge are located in South Africa's Eastern Cape. Our location is a two-hour drive from Port Elizabeth, and 40 minutes from Grahamstown. The grounds span almost 10,000 acres and consist of varied terrain with mountainous regions, open plains and bush. A diverse flora with different biotopes makes the area an El Dorado for most types of deer. Good road connections make almost all of the grounds accessible for hunting.

The area is not surrounded by high fences. Within the grounds, you can hunt 30 different species of wild game. The population is vast and can offer hunters some good trophies. If our grounds cannot provide the game you wish to hunt, or we do not have adequate trophies of that species, we have access to more animals through collaboration with neighbouring farms.

Several thousand acres with prime hunting grounds lie within a 30-minute radius. We also can offer excellent grounds in the Northern Cape, Kwazulu Natal, the Western Cape and Free State.

Our grounds in Free State offer pigeon and duck hunts. Fields of sunflowers, agricultural land, lakes and dams make this area perfect for such hunts.

Above and apart from all of the above is our most valued gift to you the presence of our local partners. These co-owners of Grey's Gift Lodge are professional hunters and guides, who are born and raised on the farm and have been hunting on these grounds since childhood. Their local knowledge is the priceless element on the back of which we guarantee you an effective and enjoyable hunt, tailored to your individual needs and pace.

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