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Practical information

Arrival and departure:
We offer guests airport transfers out of Port Elizabeth and East London. After pick-up, a two-hour car journey brings you to Grey's Gift Lodge. Arrival and departure times determine whether there will be enough time to hunt on those days.

The stay:
You will stay at Grey's Gift Lodge in a single or double room. The daily rates include three meals a day, snacks and an open bar. Fresh towels and laundry service are provided daily.

Climate and hunting season:
The South African hunting season lasts all year round. December, January and February are often the hottest time of the year, and temperature can reach 35c. The remainder of the year has comfortable temperatures for hunting. June, July and August can offer some chilly mornings and evenings, but have superb daytime temperatures. The remaining months can be compared to a good Norwegian summer.

The hunt:
The guests decide when the hunting day begins. We travel in 4x4s due to the vast distances. When animals are observed or the vehicle is parked, the spot and stalk hunting begins. The hunting method is usually a combination of both stalking and hunting from blinds and special vantage points, such as watering holes. After setting off for the hunt early in the morning, we break for a solid lunch around noon. This is the warmest time of day and the animals tend to be quite inactive. After lunch you can rest for a while or go straight back out for the next round of hunting. The final hunt continues until dusk.

After the hunt:
When the hunt is concluded for the evening, we meet at the lodge for light refreshments. You can chat with the other guests and share the day's experiences, or if you so prefer, withdraw to your room and relax a bit before dinner. A three-course meal with accompanying drinks is enjoyed in good company in our dining area later in the evening. After dinner you can socialise at the bar, in our outdoor lounge area or around a traditional campfire, called a "boma".

Weapons and other equipment:
The most common Norwegian big game calibres will do nicely: 308, 30-06, 300 Win Mag and 270 are all good calibres for deer hunting or plains game hunting. If you want to hunt one of "The Big Five", you will probably want to use a heavier calibre. Shooting distances can vary from 50-250 m. Shooting sticks are commonly used, so it will be a good idea to practise using shooting sticks at the rifle range. As with everything, practice makes perfect so make sure to hone your skills at the rifle range before your trip.

The rifles are always tested before the hunt starts. We recommend that you bring a good set of binoculars, as this will enhance your experience. When it comes to attire, khaki, green or camo are the preferred colours. You should pack T-shirts, light shirts and sweaters, as well as shorts and light cotton trousers. A warm jacket or heavy sweater should also be included, as it might be chilly at dawn and dusk. We will provide more detailed advice according to the season of your visit .

Firearm import:
Bringing your own firearms to South Africa is not a problem. You need to complete a "temporary firearm import permit application" which can be provided by us or downloaded from the Internet. At the airport in Norway you fill in the form in duplicate one copy will be handed to the police in South Africa and one will be handed to Norwegian customs upon your return. You will also need to bring your firearms licence, with a photocopy, as well as photocopies of the following items: your passport (page with picture), your flight tickets, and an invitation provided by us. Your firearms should be appropriately packed in a firearms case. You will receive more information from us when the trip is booked. Remember to pack ammunition together with the firearms upon departure from South Africa

Taxidermy and shipment of trophies:
When the hunt is completed any trophies will be delivered to our taxidermist. You need to complete a form with instructions for the taxidermist regarding your trophies. An initial payment of 50% is due immediately and the remainder is due when the trophies are shipped. Normally they will be sent by sea freight to reduce the cost of shipment. You should estimate approximately 12 months until your trophies arrive. We will keep you informed throughout the process.

If something is unclear or you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for further information .

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