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The animal is observed threw your binoculars. Suddenly a warthog run out of the bush in front of you. You can feel the excitement raising. Will we succeed this time! Read more

Adventures in Africa

South Africa is the ultimate county for activities and adventure. The possibilities are unlimited for those who want an active vacation! Read more

Buy a share

Use this unique opportunity to buy a share in this fantastic lodge! Both private persons and company's can purchase shares in Greys Gift Lodge. Read more

Invest in your own share of the wilderness
The good life awaits you at Grey’s Gift Lodge

This unique lodge is now being offered for your personal ownership for two weeks each year – a proposition that would open the door to a lifetime of adventure and excitement at your own pace, while bringing you financial benefits as well. We invite you to consider investing in a share. You can do so privately, or through your company. As a shareholder, you will earn back your investment through our various discounts.

More importantly, you will secure for yourself a lifelong refuge where you can return again and again to enjoy a premium quality of life, filled with exciting and adventurous days, good food, relaxing moments by the pool – and new experiences connected with nature and wildlife.

A two-week share in the lodge costs R150,000. The share covers one hunter and one companion. An additional R50,000 would give you two hunting rights per share.

The share can be used at any time of the year, and can be divided into two one-week stays

Benefits for shareholders:

20% discount on airport transfers
25-30% discount on daily rates and stay
10% discount on Taxidermy in SA
15% discount on trophies
15% discount on products and activities in the lodge
5% discount for friends (up to two people accompanying the shareholder)
First priority on reservations .

Daily rates including discounts:

2:1 R1,470 per day per person
1:1 R1,950 per day per person

Price for stay only, including food, drinks, free local alcohol (excluding guide):
R850 per day per person
Children under the age of 6 stay for free in parent's room.
Half price for children between 6 and 14.

Airport transfers for Port Elizabeth and East London: R800 each way for up to 4 people (discount included) Daily rates include: Overnight stay Three meals per day Free soft drinks, water and alcohol Transport during the hunt Guiding with PH, tracker and skinner Field care of trophies .

The following conditions apply:
Minimum buy is to shares (one share pr week)
One extra share gives you one extra week
B- shares don't give right to dividend or voting right
The Lodge's price list is subject to change on 1 January each year
The discount in % will not be changed while the share is valid
All prices include VAT
The share can be used at any time of year
The share can be sub-leased or sold
The share can be put up for time-rotation
Other terms and conditions apply for booking, payment and cancellation

Contact Stian Mørk at cell 9800 45 008 for more details and information on the different ways to own a share. We can also provide information regarding company ownership and calculations of the average savings for a shareholder.

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